BREAKING: Bullshit Distribution Center Violently Attacked by Anti-Bullshit Protesters

​BREAKING: Bullshit Distribution Center Violently Attacked by Anti-Bullshit Protestors {satire} Someone who hasn't gone on record yet told the Associated Press tomorrow that suspects are known Anti-Bullshit protestors, and got into a violent altercation with Bullshit Distributors who were Distributing Bullshit inside the predesignated Bullshit Distribution area.  "They violently attacked us by calmly stating their... Continue Reading →


Lunaria Bane {001}

Chapter One, Coughing at the Enemy When one does not have a mother and is raised by a gruff absentee father and a partially senile grandmother, one is not much prepared for such things as frilly tea parties and gossip. I tugged uncomfortably at the rigidly high collar of the puce ruffled number my Nan... Continue Reading →

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