Seedy Garlic Ginger Health Drink

​New concoction:great for throat, inflammation, infection and general health.  _16oz Mason Jar _~1 tspn each: coriander seeds, caraway seeds, cumin seeds (grind with mortar & pestle)  _3 cloves garlic ( ground, pressed or finely chopped ) _1/2 tblspn dried oregano (fresh if you have it) _Sprig of fresh Rosemary (dried optional) _1/2 tablespoon organic ground... Continue Reading →



To fashion a sword we must temper. A sword must be created. From earth, fire, water and air the blade is forged into a finely tuned instrument of accuracy and justice.  This is my advice to everyone who is upset right now.  Temper yourself into a double edged sword that cuts through the chains of... Continue Reading →

​Light Em Up (toast/sandwich) 

For Your Health  { Veganize: sub butter with Hummus }  -->Bread of choice (I like seedy and nutty, like myself 😂)  CHOPPED/GRATED/Fresh --> 2 fresh green onions; chopped --> 2 fresh cloves garlic;  grated or pressed --> 1 fresh knob ginger  (about 1/2 inch) fresh grated --> 1/2 - 1 tablespoon fresh chopped rosemary CRUSHED/MORTAR... Continue Reading →

BREAKING: Bullshit Distribution Center Violently Attacked by Anti-Bullshit Protesters

​BREAKING: Bullshit Distribution Center Violently Attacked by Anti-Bullshit Protestors {satire} Someone who hasn't gone on record yet told the Associated Press tomorrow that suspects are known Anti-Bullshit protestors, and got into a violent altercation with Bullshit Distributors who were Distributing Bullshit inside the predesignated Bullshit Distribution area.  "They violently attacked us by calmly stating their... Continue Reading →

Lunaria Bane {001}

Chapter One, Coughing at the Enemy When one does not have a mother and is raised by a gruff absentee father and a partially senile grandmother, one is not much prepared for such things as frilly tea parties and gossip. I tugged uncomfortably at the rigidly high collar of the puce ruffled number my Nan... Continue Reading →

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