Seedy Garlic Ginger Health Drink

​New concoction:great for throat, inflammation, infection and general health. 

_16oz Mason Jar

_~1 tspn each: coriander seeds, caraway seeds, cumin seeds (grind with mortar & pestle) 

_3 cloves garlic ( ground, pressed or finely chopped )

_1/2 tblspn dried oregano (fresh if you have it)

_Sprig of fresh Rosemary (dried optional)

_1/2 tablespoon organic ground Tumeric

_optional: chili peppers, cayenne

-Boil Water 

-in glass/jar/mug etc


garlic, ground seeds, oregano and rosemary. Hold tumeric. 

-fill halfway with boiling water and steep for a few minutes. 

-Add tumeric, stir well, add water to cool, guzzle!

#health #holistic #medicinal 


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