​Survivors of Domestic Abuse, Learning to Trust Again

As survivors of domestic violence, abuse, and other traumatizing situations, it can be hard for us to trust again. 

Understandably. But when we fail to trust anyone we shut ourselves out from the rest of the world, and the potentially amazing experiences in store for us. 

A show of hands among survivors, who was afraid to trust someone with what was happening to you while it was happening? Who stayed silent because they didn’t trust anyone would help?

It can be easy to blame ourselves for being too trusting. Easy to fall into the trap, “well, I was abused because I trusted.”

But maybe, we should ask ourselves, what would have happened if we had trusted more? 

Maybe we need to learn to trust again: trust in ourselves, trust in our friends and loved ones, and most importantly, trust that we, yes we, each of us, are loved. 

Abusers try everything they can to isolate their victims and make them afraid; by opening our hearts to the world again, they lose. 


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