Redheads and Sex

Once in his life, every man is entitled to fall madly in love with a gorgeous redhead.” – Lucille Ball

So according to some sciencey German dude, redheads have more sex than other hair colors (I could have told you that!). And maybe that is all we have left after thousands of years of persecution.

Maybe that is all we ever had.

Maybe this is why we have been burned at the stake, buried alive, drowned, beaten, and hunted for centuries upon centuries. Perhaps this is the simple reason emperors have fallen to their knees before us, why mobs of angry non-redheaded people have come after us with torches and pitchforks (can you say angry housewife?), why our non-reddie counterparts hate us, loathe us, and secretly want to be us.

redheadbannerimage2When you start to peel away the layers of the redheaded mystique, you find at the core redheads exude power, influence and yes, sex.

Granted, not all redheads fit this description, but the majority I’ve known in my life pin this stereotype down to a T. Mark of Cain? Maybe. Neanderthal? Probably not, (most likely the original redheads predated our neolithic cousins and mated them into existence). Spawn of the Devil? Ha. The devil ain’t got shit on this. Evil? Some, most definitely. Strong, hard headed, vicious when cornered, fun, and aggressively loyal? Almost always.

But maybe the solution is simple. Maybe redheads are the way they are because they are the ones who survived. If redheads have been hunted, murdered, tortured, shunned and blacklisted for as long as history has been HIS story, then it stands to reason the genetic remnants would be hardy, fiery, aggressive when challenged, warriors and most of all, highly sexual.

Biology people.

Ironically those who tried to wipe us out are the ones who’ve made us stronger. Whether or not us redheads are aliens, angels, devils, “witches”, cave men or a separate species, we’re still here, and we’ll smile, lick our lips, and spread our seeds far and wide, laughing all the while.

{originally published Jan 9, 2014 on another wordpress blog of mine}


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