The Script {chp 6} The River Scene

"Not this time, princess, I am starting to tire." He informed her, swooping her up and throwing her (very manly-like) over his shoulder like a fireman, gripping round her thighs, her head bouncing wildly down his back. As they trundled upward, Anabelle tried not to stare at his notoriously good looking glutious maximus and imagined at any second, his lithe form was going to buckle under her weight.

The Script {chp 5} The Breakfast Club

Looking out the window at the alien castle around her, and knowing there were hollywoodized aliens dwelling somewhere within, Anabelle felt an acute pang of longing for her small run down little farmhouse in the middle of Calfornia happy cow fields.

The Script {chp 4} Bloody Castles

Feeling a little bit like an inbred lunatic from another planet, Anabelle set out to search among the bushes and rocks for her lighter, at night, in the shadows beneath the labyrinthine monstrosity that dominated the landscape around her, without any real idea of where to look. Muttering and cursing to herself, she bent down and started rummaging.

The Script {chp 3} Any Port in a Storm

Anabelle Greeves, who was not, in fact, a hurricane, but exactly as she seemed, (a small town girl from the middle of nowhere who'd never been out of the country unless you counted Mexico, which she did not, who had escaped the ravages of hillbillitus when all other options had failed by literally floating away from Bumfuknoware with a large amount of balloons) felt a modicum of security in the fact that she looked decent, her laundry was clean, and being seated by the window, she had the perfect excuse for keeping her sunglasses firmly intact.

The Script {chp 2} The Driver

When Anabelle had first sent her script in to the little known Rupture Studios, she hadn't expected an answer at all, let alone an offer to join on as the main writer for the project. She'd been ecstatic (until about five minutes after she arrived in L.A.). Of course, things had only gone downhill from there. And now, having been escorted to her hotel like a child by a tart twenty two year old intern named Karina who wanted to be an actress and treated Anabelle like a inbred retard from another planet, she was significantly less enthused by the whole ordeal.

DIY Teleplay: The Teaser

TEASER - Inciting incident Shock to the system, full emersion The status quo has been seriously rocked. The world must be righted. There is a mystery... we have questions...   MUST DO: Establish tone, mood, theme, setting/atmosphere This is where we either establish a new illusion of a perfect world, or blatantly shatter the one... Continue Reading →

DIY Teleplay Template: TV Pilot Episode Outline

{ I originally published this on another blog, scribesapprentice. Reformatted }   Below is a TV show template I created based off of Three Act Structure, Michael Hauge’s Five Key Turning Points , The Eight Sequence Structure, the Hero’s Journey and the Heroine’s Journey. Incorporating Teaser, Cliffhanger and or Denouement specifically for Television purposes. Best... Continue Reading →

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